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Adoption Process

Thank you for considering of adopting a rescue dog

We try to find a best match with dog and adopter's family. For both side of success, we will be inquiring every details of your family to make sure it it the best match based on the dog's temperament, personality, health condition and energy level. To make a best decision, we put quite amount of attention and consideration to each application. If you are not selected, that doesn't mean you can't adopt one in future. It is simply there was a better fit for that case. If you want to put your name on the waiting list, you can register to our waiting list clicking below button.

Our dogs will be vaccinated up to date (DHLPP and Rabies) and most of cases microchipped and spayed prior to adoption.


When flight volunteers are available to bring a dog to Canada, the cost is very reasonable for the distance flown, at approximately $300 CAD for dog's flight ticket. The final cost ($500) depends on the size of your animal, airline, and where the flight volunteer departs from. This cost will include a Kennel, health certification, vaccination and inspection fee at the airport. Once the dog arrives in Canada, we will buy necessary supplies for dog in foster family.

Your adoption fee will cover these vetting, boarding, and transportation cost. We will make sure all the money goes for dogs not to human.

What you need to prepare: Please note, we do require all of our dogs to be adopted with a Tractive GPS device and martingale collar. 

*We are all volunteers who have other day jobs. We are efficient, but please note that the timeline of these steps varies based on the availability of volunteers.  Please be kind to our volunteers. We are working hard for a common goal. We give every application a lot of attention. To find the perfect match for each dog, we read every application several times on different days to make sure we don’t miss anything. Please visit our homepage and fill out the application. Processing time will be 2~3 weeks or sometimes it takes even longer.

Please note that sometimes we get many applications for one dog. If you are not selected for the dog, that does not mean that you are not qualified. While we may like the application, the family may not be a fit for the specific dog or someone who fits equally great but applied earlier. If you want to apply for other dogs, please email us ( to have your application directed towards an alternate dog: no need to fill out a new application. In that case, please include your name, email address, and the name of your dog you are interested in.

Adoption Fee

  • Puppy up to 1 year: $800 ~ $1,000
  • 1yr ~ 6yr: $800 ~ $1,000
  • 7yr ~ 8yr: $600 ~ $800
  • Senior 8yr ~ : $400 ~ $600
  • Special needs: $300 ~ $400

*adoption fee can be adjusted depends on dogs.

General Adoption Process

We make sure the dog is ready for the adoption having a vet care, vaccinated up to date and get some train if necessary.

  1. Apply for adoption

Choose a dog from available list and apply for adoption. Make sure you fill out all the details. This is pre-interview questionnaire and your detailed answers are very important to us to see if the dog is a good match with your family. If applicable, you can put vet and personal references but even if you don't have one, it won't give any negative impact to your application.

   2. Interview

Once we think you might be a good match, we will reach out to you for an interview.

   3. 2nd Interview

We will proceed 2nd interview with a different interviewer. This time, we will ask you take pictures or video of backyard and inside house where the dog will mostly staying.

   4. Meet & Greet

Once you are selected, you and all your family have chance meet the dog if the dog is in the foster's family in Canada. If the dog is in the other country, you won't have opportunity to meet before.

   5. Agreement and Payment

We will ask you sign the agreement and make a payment. We accept e-transfer to make all bank transaction is recorded for clarity.

   6. Adoption Trial Period

There is a trial period before the adoption is finalized. We do this so both party (you and dog) are happy each other.

   7. Finalizing Adoption

If you decided not to adopt the dog, we ask foster until we find another home. In this case, we will refund the adoption money. If you and your family are happy with our rescue dog, we will finalize the adoption process giving you an adoption certificate.

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